Teton Valley’s Vintage Trucks

Words and photography by Camrin Dengel

I love seeing vintage pickup trucks around the valley. Some sport fresh upgrades or relatively new paint jobs, but most are the classically weathered workhorses of our rural lifestyle, dented and scarred with badges of use from their years in action. The different brands, years of production, and adaptations by their owners tell the stories of their past. We all see them parked at trailheads, kicking up dust on dirt roads and in open fields, rolling into the transfer station, or waiting at the stoplight in Driggs. There are too many to count, but here’s a small sample from the Pierre’s Hole area.

Make: Dodge
Year: 1952
Owner: Winslow Bent
Use: Rebuilding for a client
Fun Fact: Winslow is the founder of Legacy Classic Trucks, a premier truck restoration facility in Driggs. They rebuild and restore reclaimed vehicles like this mint Dodge.

Make: International Harvester
Year: 1971
Owner: Brian White
Use: A father/daughter restoration project for Brain and his young, truck-enthusiast daughter, Diana. This lucky International is receiving only original parts, even if Brian has to source them one-by-one off eBay.
Fun Fact: The first time Brian drove it home to Driggs, it caught on fire.

Make: Ford
Year: 1984
Owner: Royce Reiley
Use: Off-roading at the Reiley ranch and fencing cow pasture.
Fun Fact: An engine block leak (the size of Royce’s finger) was cured by pouring in an entire jar of ground ginger fifteen years ago. It hasn’t leaked since.

Make: Ford
Year: 1973
Owners: Jeb and Ann Moyer
Use: All around valley truck for dump runs, hauling fencing, you name it.
Fun Fact: Along with being a truck for chores, it also makes a great prop for their family photos.

Make: Chevy
Year: 1964
Owner: Michele Walters
Use: In the process of being restored as a townie, with future advertising on the side for Michele’s art studio, TRIBE, now open in downtown Tetonia.
Fun Fact: The Chevy once belonged to Michele’s great-grandfather, who drove it to work as a miner and carpenter. At that time, it was the original robin’s egg blue.

Make: GMC
Year : 1966
Owner: Tracy Long
Use: Hauling dirt bikes to the trails.
Fun Fact. Tracy’s truck has lived its whole truck life right here in Eastern Idaho.

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