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Farm Critters in the Cold

Photography by Jamye Chrisman
Tibby Plasse of Paradise Springs feeds the chickens on a sunny day, as son Loren looks on.
Paradise Springs Farm raises Brown Swiss cows like Rose, and milking is one of the daily chores.
While intimidating in stature and muscular build, Bud and Duke are docile in nature and eager to pull the sleigh, even in frigid temperatures.
Rex Hansen, a third-generation Teton Valley Resident, feeds his
twenty-five head of cattle through the winter using the horsepower of
two Shire horses and a bobsleigh
The sheep at Flying Dog Farm will be sheared to make naturally died yarn.

Marianne Sturken, owner of Teton Goats, makes locally popular cheeses from her animals’ milk.
Huacaya alpacas raised by TC and Carrie Cleary at their place off Packsaddle Road west of the Teton River.
A Huacaya alpaca from Peru at the Portas Nirvana Alpacas ranch.
Hockey Puck, an Alpine goat at Thistle Brooks Farm, soaks up the rays on a clear blue day.

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